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Woodturning is our business

Finnish Woodturners is the umbrella organization of woodturners in Finland. The aim of our action is simply to develop all kinds of knowledge in woodturning. We have organized Finnish Woodturners Summerevents annually since the year 1994. In these events we will run woodturning courses to almost beginners to the more advanced students. In every summer there is a course for nearly novices (students still need to have some experience in woodturning) and another course for those students who have several years experience in woodturning. We strive to organize the contents of the courses to suit individual needs. The summerevents will take place in different places of Finland, mostly in the different woodwork schools. Many well-known masters of woodturning have visited in these events, e.g. Stuart Mortimer and Phil Irons from U.K, Kurt Johansson and Anders Mattsson from Sweden, Richard Raffan from Australia and Johannes Rieber from Norway. The summerevent 2007 will be held in Jurva. The Jurva´s woodwork school is a part of Seinäjoki Vocational Education Centre. We will also organize meetings for the members of Finnish Woodturners Association. In every meeting there is some woodturning demonstrations and all members can have fun with the lathe and of course these events are also places to exchange views and ideas concerning woodturning.

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